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Welcome to the website of the ERC-StG project INTERCELLMED (Sensing CELL-cell INTERaction heterogeneity in 3D tumor models: towards precision MEDicine) and the MFAG-AIRC project Nano-patterned metastatic melanoma for quantifying metabolic changes in mediated drug resistance coordinated by Dr Loretta L del Mercato and hosted at the Nanotechnology Institute of CNR in Lecce (Italy) Broken Sword. The «3D Cell Sensing» research group works on the synthesis of multifunctional systems for biosensing, tissue engineering and therapy, with an emphasis on personalized treatment strategies 5 signals downloaded. Research is focused on (i) synthesis of sensing tools for measuring, with high spatial and temporal resolution, the intracellular and the extracellular concentration of key biological analytes, such as oxygen and pH; (ii) development of 3D in vivo-like culture systems, based on porous scaffolds, hydrogels and electrospun nanofiber matrixes, that capture the microenvironmental context of a disease openhardwaremonitor report exe. Sensing tools and 3D in vitro systems are coupled with advanced real-time quantitative microscopy and computational cell-based modeling analyses to study cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, to record metabolism at single cell level, to quantify drugs’ efficacy on patients-derived 3D models with simple and easy readouts 가루약 다운로드.